The smart alternative to ladders, podiums and scaffolding


Traditional Podium v Power Towers’ Pecolift

IMTECH is a major UK contractor and is currently installing electrical systems on phase 2 of Europe’s largest construction site, Battersea Power Station in London.

The brief
To work with contractor, IMTECH to seek a faster total low-level access solution for all subcontractors while retaining safe practices of working at low-level and to potentially enhance and increase efficiency.
Working within the highly restrictive environment of narrow passages and corridors at Battersea was a challenge. The constant erection and dismantling of the podiums, to the point of having to remove legs to move from job to job, could, in some cases impinge on production time. 

The solution from Power Towers.
Working with hire company NATIONWIDE PLATFORMS, the Pecolift was introduced. Battery and electric power free, the Pecolift is elevated by simply and easily rotating the handle; with only 10% operator input and 90% mechanism input, the patented lift mechanism glides you smoothly to your chosen working height in seconds. 

Pecolift is truly an Eco friendly solution.  It’s tiny footprint and simplicity of use finally provides a purely mechanical solution that doesn’t involve erecting, unfolding or climbing.


Phase 2