The smart alternative to ladders, podiums and scaffolding

safety & ergonomics

The Power Towers solutions are designed with user well-being in mind whilst working at height safely. An ergonomic design allows users to work comfortably over longer periods of time. Climbing up and down steps, overreaching and overstretching is eliminated. 

Power Towers continuously performs ergonomic tests to determine the forces acting on known musculoskeletal stress points to ensure that our solutions minimize these forces.  We also compare our solutions to traditional methods, such as ladders, podiums and scaffolding to scientifically measure differences.  These tests are performed using the latest biomechanics, motion detection and muscle sensing technology.  Our tests are performed and observed under the direction of licensed ergonomists to ensure proper procedures are used.
The studies are available and may be of interest for companies that value sustainable employment for their operators. For more information regarding this study, please contact us.

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