The smart alternative to ladders, podiums and scaffolding


Whether you are managing projects for construction fit-outs or refurbishments, on a retail floor, in a warehouse, or performing maintenance at a hotel, oil rig, office building, exhibit hall, stadium or arena, our solutions provide an effective, efficient, alternative to traditional methods.

At the end of construction projects in multi-story office buildings, data centers, hospitals, etc, our portfolio can be used in a wide variety of applications such as installing ceiling grids, HVAC, sprinkler systems, electric cabling, lighting. In fact any application that demands working up to 5.5m.

Hospitals, museums, government buildings, schools and universities use our solutions every day. With their ease of use, reliability, low noise these products will enhance productivity and provide a safer job site environment at the same time providing minimal disturbance in the vicinity of the work area.

From maintaining your aircraft hangar to vehicle manufacturing-line inspection, our products will fit your needs.

For the industrial market our solutions provide the smarter solution compared to traditional equipment. They also meet requirements for height safety and sustainable employment for large multinationals concerned about work well-being.

Power Towers has a range of machines specifically designed for hazardous work areas. The push around non-powered solutions can be used in a variety of applications such as those found in, oil refining facilities, food production, petrochemical industries, etc.  The ATEX versions are certified to work in highly restricted areas. Optional stainless-steel or galvanized steel versions are available where the site and application demands it.